Dance Painting Reduces Stress And Eases Anxiety In Preschoolers

By Lori Lite and Sherry Segal

Separation anxiety, sharing teacher’s attention with a group, making new friends, taking turns, controlling impulses can all be exciting but stressful new learning experiences for preschoolers. With 70% of grade school age children admitting that they worry,  dance painting reduces stress and introduces relaxation to children. This creative activity makes for stress free fun!
Stress can affect anyone who feels overwhelmed — even preschoolers.

Dance painting reduces stress and is a wonderful activity to help preschoolers decrease anxiety.

The combination of dance and play provides them with the perfect opportunity to really let loose!

Here’s what you will need:

• Mural paper or craft paper
• Paint
• Pans (for paint)
• Tape

What you do:

Paint the children’s feet with any color paint.

Turn on the music and let the children dance their way along the mural/craft paper.

It can be interesting to see how different music affects your little artists!

Here are our suggestions:

Relaxation MusicIndigo Dreams: Kid’s Relaxation Music is a great choice with four 15 minute tracks and child-friendly melodies. 
Visit Kiboomu Kids for great children’s dance songs and other fun activities for preschoolers.

Stress Free Kids founder Lori Lite is a freelance blogger, social media strategist, parenting expert, and successful entrepreneur. Her line of books and CDs are designed to help children, teens, and adults decrease stress, anxiety, and anger. Ms. Lite’s books, CDs, and lesson plans are considered a resource for parents, psychologists, therapists, child life specialists, teachers, doctors, and yoga instructors. Lori’s award winning books received national attention on Shark Tank and her sort after accessible tips have been featured in hundreds of publications to include: CNN Living, Real Simple Magazine, USA Today, Family Circle, Working Mother Magazine, and Web MD. For more information visit  Stress Free Kids and for daily advice follow Lori on Twitter and Facebook.

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