Younger Children

Younger children learn relaxation techniques to manage stress and control anger.

Author on Uros, Peru

Amazing moment! I had a chance to present and donate my books in English and Spanish to the students and teacher in Uros, Peru. It was a great honor to have my books added to their classroom library and become the first author they have ever met. My heart and soul are forever enriched by this moment!

Older Children

Older children (ages 6 – 12) learn techniques to control anger, reduce stress, lower anxiety and build self-esteem.

Angry Octopus Coloring Book Combination

Purchase the Angry Octopus Coloring Book with the Angry Octopus Book for additional relaxation techniques.


Stress Free Kids introduces you and your children to a variety of research-based, proven stress management techniques in a storytelling format. You will be guided to stories that are designed to help children control anger, manage stress, lower anxiety while building self-esteem and improving sleep. Let your relaxation journey begin!


“As a stressed-out parent, I was immediately drawn to Stress Free Kids. It’s heartbreaking to see my sons dealing with stress and to watch them mirror some of my own bad coping strategies. I was so happy to discover such a treasure trove of stress-reducing techniques and tips for me to use and model for my children–and also so many techniques and tips to teach my sons. I recommend Stress Free Kids to all parents who wish to have less stressed, happier families and lives.” -Jennifer Bright Reich


“A great way for children to slow down in our fast-paced world. The Goodnight Caterpillar is a peaceful way to de-stress and end a long day.” -Blair Tate, M.Ed., School Counselor

Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Children’s Yoga Teacher, and Mother

“Lori did it again! This child friendly adventure is beautifully illustrated and loved by children of all ages. Sea Otter Cove teaches children a powerful breathing technique, which helps children to slow down and focus in this fast paced and over-stimulating world. The techniques are easy to use anywhere!” -Melissa C. Fedosh


“I would highly recommend this Indigo Ocean Dreams for mental health workers who have children on their caseload. Finding resources for children are very difficult so I was very happy to locate this product. I have been working with several children experiencing anger management and anxiety problems and they really enjoy Indigo Ocean Dreams. Also, their parents benefit from the techniques and the time spent with their children practicing the techniques.” -Michelle Rosenthal


“I am an elementary school teacher. Although this is a bedtime story, I have also used it in my 4th grade classroom as a way to relax children before we begin any high stakes testing. The more I have repeated this exercise, the better the children learn and the better they test out. Even the children have noticed the difference when we read this book and when we don’t. This is a fabulous addition to my curriculum.” -Ms. Mariahn


“I am an Early Childhood professional and bought Indigo Ocean Dreams for the teachers I train to use at nap time. I first tried it out on my 10 year old son who had been having a lot of trouble sleeping since his father died. Two nights in a row he fell asleep within 10 minutes. Even my teenage daughter found the CD relaxing. I can not wait to introduce it to the teachers and parents I work with!” -C. Hoffman


“I bought Indigo Dreams for use as a relaxation activity in an early childhood classroom for 3 to 5 year old children and it’s wonderful. If I could give it more stars, it would have 10! This would be great for your child to listen to at night to help them wind down for bedtime, or in the afternoon for a rest time activity, and it’s great for the classroom. I highly recommend it.” -Leslie E. Merry


“My son has a behavior problem, your CD INDIGO DREAMS, has saved his life. He has calmness about himself NOW. If we have a stressful day, I ask him to close his eyes, and tell me some affirmations and within 5 minutes he has calmed down.” -Nancy Yann


“This is the second Indigo Dreams CD we purchased. My children (7 and 5) are too old for lullabies to go to sleep with but still benefit from listening to something to help them wind down and fall asleep. I wanted something that was going to help them de-stress and decrease worry and improve their self-esteem. Indigo Dreams was exactly what I was wanting.” Tajabah


“I work as a behavior specialist serving the needs of five public elementary schools. I used this curriculum prior to TAKS testing. The students loved the interactive lessons and they recalled the strategies from previous lessons each time I returned to their classrooms. The teachers were impressed as well and will continue reinforcing the stress reduction and relaxation strategies throughout the year.” -A. Childers