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Manage big feelings with stories that incorporate breathing (also known as belly breathing, yoga breathing, diaphragmatic breathing)


Reduce stress and anxiety with stories that use guided imagery and visualizing with colors


Calm anger with stories that incorporate progressive muscular relaxation


Improve self-esteem and confidence with stories that incorporate affirmations

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Lori Lite was a stressed-out mom who spent two hours each night trying to put her children to bed. She became sleep deprived, anxious, and depressed. When her daughter developed stress related night terrors Lori knew she had to do something to help herself and her family.


Wonderful addition to a home and classroom

“This delightful story, simply put will allow children to confirm the positive thoughts they need to tell themselves about themselves. The Affirmation Weaver delivers an important and strong message with its child friendly text and beautiful illustrations. This is a wonderful addition to a home and classroom library.”

Lynne Goldman Johannesen

Elementary School Teacher

The whole series of books is recommended.

“This is a great bedtime kids book. My daughter loves it and the pictures are cute and whimsical. She reads it on her own, and when I read it at bedtime, the text is presented in a repetitive meditative tone that induces mindfulness and calm when read during the day and at night is very hypnotic, lulling my daughter into the relaxed state needed to quickly fall asleep. The whole series of books is recommended.”

Navy Doctor

Such an adorable book!

“This coloring book is a fantastic resource for young readers who want an outlet for big emotions. The coloring pages are engaging and fun, and there’s sweet, rhyming tales to go along with each one. This is such an adorable book and I think it’s a great way to help get kids engaged with their emotional intelligence.”

Briar’s Reviews

Peaceful way to de-stress

“A great way for children to slow down in our fast-paced world. A peaceful way to de-stress and end a long day.”

Blair Tate, M.Ed.

School Counselor

Must-read children’s book

“Thoughtful, memorable, and engaging, author Lori Lite’s “Angry Octopus Color Me Happy, Color Me Calm” is a must-read children’s book and self-help guide for parents to help their child deal with complex emotional states. The interactive nature of the book will compel readers and keep children invested in the lessons that the author has woven into the book.”

Anthony Arvina

Book critic

I love this book!

“As a children’s yoga teacher and breathing coach, I love this book! I also own Bubble Riding and A Boy and a Bear by Lori Lite and can’t get enough of these relaxation stories. This is an excellent bedtime tool for kids who need a little help transitioning from an alert state to a calm state quickly. With practice, young ones will be able to reduce stress on the spot.”

Stephanie E.

Yoga Instructor

I fell in love with Lori Lite’s books

“I fell in love with Lori Lite’s books from the first time I saw them. They were exactly what I had been searching for since I began conducting psychotherapy with children. Teaching children visualization and relaxation techniques has often been a difficult feat until I began using books such as Bubble Riding and CDs such as Indigo Dreams, both Lori Lite creations. This book in particular has been integral in my treatment of anxiety related to sleep and overcoming other nighttime fears. It has also helped with school and social anxiety and pain management. I recommend all of her books and CD’s very highly!”

Summer Sullivan, Ph.D.


Highly recommend!

“I love using this book in the classroom when teaching mindfulness. Children are told, all the time, to relax. If you actually ask a child what that means, you may be surprised that they actually don’t know! Most children are not taught how to relax their body and what that feels like. This book does a great job explaining this concept to kids in a fun and engaging way. Highly recommend!”


Mindfulness teacher

Helping kids relax

“I am a social worker and use this book when helping kids relax their body, tune into their breathing, and calm their mind. It focuses on coping with anger, but it’s appropriate for stress/anxiety, sadness, and many other struggles. It’s quick, can be done in session, and it makes sense for the kid level of understanding.”


Social Worker

Beautiful illustrations

“This book is full of beautiful illustrations from under the sea which pairs perfectly with this relaxing, educational tale. I highly recommend picking up this book for our kids, classes, or family to enjoy as a fun but educational read.”

Briar’s Reviews


Appealing, practical insights

“Libraries and adults seeking picture books that take the extra step beyond understanding and into introducing proactive behaviors and emotional management strategies will welcome Angry Octopus for its appealing, practical insights on handling anxiety, stress, and anger.”

Midwest Book Review

Anyone could benefit

“Using fantastic visual imagery and repetition, Sea Otter Cove teaches children the relaxation technique of belly breathing. Anyone who parents or works with small children could benefit from having this book available during stressful times.” 




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