proven stress management techniques
proven stress management techniques
proven stress management techniques

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Lori Lite Introduces Stress Free Kids

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How to Get Started with
Stress Free Kids

Stress Free Kids introduces you and your children to a variety of research-based, proven stress management techniques in a storytelling format. You will be guided to stories that are designed to help children control anger, manage stress, lower anxiety while building self-esteem and improve sleep. The age ranges are a suggestion to point you in the right direction. Your child’s attention span and emotional maturity should be taken into consideration. Let your relaxation journey begin!


Younger Children or Older Children

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“As a stressed-out parent, I was immediately drawn to Stress Free Kids. It’s heart breaking to see my sons dealing with stress and to watch them mirror some of my own bad coping strategies. I was so happy to discover such a treasure trove of stress-reducing techniques and tips for me to use and model for my children–and also so many techniques and tips to teach my sons. I recommend Stress Free Kids to all parents who wish to have less stressed, happier families and lives.” -Jennifer Bright Reich

Angry Octopus Coloring Book

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Curriculum/Lesson Plans
for Teachers and Parents

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