Note to Readers: Reading for relaxation is an often overlooked stress management tool for children. A good story of triumph can brighten the eyes of any child. Reading gives children a chance to stop the mind list and incessant chatter in their brains. They can retreat to a quiet spot to relax and read, or enjoy the quiet energy of a library away from the everyday static of screens.The very act of reading a book to our children creates lifelong bonds and moments of mindful relaxation. Reading a relaxing book is a double dose of calm. Thanks to Betty for sharing her love of reading.

 By Betty Davis

Why is reading so wonderful?  I remember when I was a child and waited with great anticipation for my scholastic books to come in the mail. I would run to my room lay down on the bed and read all four of them within days.  What I liked best when I was a child is non –fiction. I loved learning anything I could about important and curious facts. I would often wonder what it would be like to travel to another country or live on a ship as pirates did or even as employees on the cruise liners of today do.

Beautiful thing about readingReading is a beautiful thing because it takes us to places we have never been or places we yearn to go. We can snuggle up in front of a fire and read along as if we were actually there. Every time we read it our brains get smarter. As we expand our connections we become more creative and imaginative. Our greatest inventors were great readers. Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison. Albert Einstein.   More recently, creators of the microwave, the internet and so much more did so because of their talents and imagination to make the world a better place to live.

Reading is exercise for the brain that stimulates and causes us to learn and get excited about new information. Ever since I was a young child I have always loved reading. It is no wonder that I became a teacher offering classes in reading and writing.  Reading reduces stress according to Neurologist Dr. David Lewis from the University of Sussex.  The participants did some exercises to increase their heart rate before finding out which relaxation technique would lower the heart rate the best:  Reading, having a cup of tea, taking a walk, or listening to music. Guess what! Reading lowered the heart rate by 68%. The participants only had to read for six minutes to lower their heart rate.

I love everything about teaching.  Reading is an adventure as the reader goes on the journey with the author. So reading is really a beautiful thing, and it can be done virtually anywhere.  Read with your child, by yourself, read aloud, or share your talents by volunteering to be a storyteller just for fun in local schools. Children will thank-you for your time and dedication. Reading is a beautiful thing so make sure you share this blog and keep reading ’Reading will give us an innovative, creative, and educated society. So yes reading is a beautiful thing.

Betty Davis is the author of The Worldly Adventures of Nicholaas, and owner of Fun with Phonics Tutoring. Betty;s  passion and enthusiasm has inspired thousands of children to become strong ,confident readers. She brings fun and excitement to every class as children explore word patterns through art. music and games. Her newest adventure series has amazed children 8 and up as their excitement grows with each chapter. Nicholaas  discovers  new and amazing facts  as he travels to several different countries with his family before  arriving at their final destination of Leiden , Holland.