My Child Hates School

Is going to school in the morning accompanied by tantrums and sulking from your kids? Many of us have been there, and if you are like me, it’s tough to know what to do. Realizing that my child hates school wasn’t a shocking revelation, but it was a major wake-up call. There is always a reason for your child to hate something. So, if you want to help your kids through this challenge and resolve this issue, you need to start by finding out what’s causing them to hate school.

Is It Normal to Hate School?

Not liking school is perfectly normal, especially for young kids who are just starting school. There are always reasons why kids react to something new and different. Some reasons why your child hates school might involve being away from a parent for the first time. Other kids might be teasing or bullying them. Or perhaps they need time to get used to a new routine and a big change in their lives.

If your child hates school, they have a reason, and you need to determine if that reason is something you can help them deal with.  Be forewarned; this might be the soul-crushing lesson of ‘you just have to deal with it.’ Their reasons might not be something that you, as the parent, can resolve immediately. You might have to focus on giving them the necessary emotional support and cuddles they need to know that you love them and want the very best for them.

What to Do When Your Child Hates School

If you know why your child hates school, you should focus on resolving the issues to the best of your ability. One of the most common reasons is bullying, which is a significant issue in schools today. When dealing with this type of problem, you need to approach the matter from two directions.

As a parent, you should focus on supporting and building their self-esteem and confidence. Remind them about all of their amazing qualities. Educate them on what causes other kids to bully and how not to be the victim. Make sure they are playing with the right type of kids. Point out their character strengths and how they are making a difference in this world. If you are not sure how to deal with this situation, or just want some support and guidance, get the help of a licensed therapist. If you notice a change in your child’s behavior where they suddenly hate school, address the issue right away. Showing them how much you love and support them is always the most important thing you can do.

The next step is setting up a conference with the teachers and school administrators to discuss this issue. You have to be proactive and have the school authorities investigate the matter. Then you need to all create a plan to deal with the bullying and bully. Most schools are highly sensitive toward bullying and will not tolerate these actions. 

If the reason your child hates school is due to the stress of being overburdened with work, not getting enough sleep, or too many after-school activities, try to identify the things you can change. Most likely, your school follows a set curriculum that can’t be adjusted. You should evaluate what is essential to your child’s health and start making some changes there. You should be laser-focused on trying to reduce the level of stress in your child’s life. These are life-long skills that need to be learned as a child and mastered as an adult.

If your kid’s reason for hating school is anxiety, your job becomes more difficult. They need to know that school is not as a punishment, but a place where they can learn and enjoy themselves. This is not an easy thing to do, and again you might need the help of a therapist to identify and deal with the anxiety they are feeling. As a parent, spend quality time together, going over schoolwork and showing them what they learn in school will be things that they use in life. 

Author Bio: Agatha Singer is a work-from-home mom with two little nuggets. Her interests range from the latest business management trends to healthy living and adventurous travel.You can find out more about Agatha by visiting her blog:

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