by Lori Lite

Compliments can reduce stress. Siblings are often too good at putting each other down instead of building each other up. Put downs or criticisms are stressful to the receiver and anyone within earshot. Did you ever find yourself wishing your kids gave each other more compliments? Get them started with this list. (More tips in my STRESS FREE KIDS: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Build Self-Esteem, Manage Stress, and Reduce Anxiety in Children )

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Compliments for Kids

I like the way you help your friends.

You are a true friend.

I like the way you take turns.

I like the way you share.

I enjoy your company.

You are a nice friend.

You are kind.

You are helpful.

You are caring.

I like the way you try your best.

You are a good artist.

You tell funny jokes.

You are a good helper.

You are a good listener.

You are very nice.

I like the way you dance.

I like when you sit with me at lunch.

You are creative.

You are fair.

I like the way you stick up for me.

Your smile makes me smile.

I like your laugh.

You are polite.

You have great ideas.

You are fun.

You are a terrific friend.

You make me happy.

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