Christmas Activities to Find Holiday Spirit

by Cindy Springsteen

The holiday season is here, and many of us are struggling this year to find holiday spirit. The normal hustle and bustle that we usually experience during this time of the year is more challenging because of social distancing and the fear of getting sick. This year it’s time to dig deep to find that magic we all need. It’s time to pull the family together, pick an activity, start some new traditions, play new games, and shift the focus away from costly gifts. It’s time to laugh and spread some kindness. Here are a few Christmas activities to find holiday spirit while staying safe.

Christmas activities to find holiday spirit:

  • Drive around and look at the decorated houses while listening to Christmas music. Give the kids a notebook to jot down what they like about each house or have them cast their votes for which house has their favorite decorations.
  • Plan out a Christmas themed scavenger hunt after the kids go to sleep. Have your family wake up to a holiday clue that sends them searching around the house for holiday surprises. Hide an elf, pine cone, or Santa’s socks. For more action, move the scavenger hunt outdoors. Check out these 30 Christmas scavenger hunt ideas.
  • Use Zoom to visit an elderly neighbor, family and friends, while still staying safe. Gather the whole family together to sing Christmas carols to them. Encourage attendees to wear elf ears, Santa hats, or Christmas sweaters.
  • Make ornament’s together; there are many do it yourself instructions online that only require the use of household items. Here are 25 Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids.
  • Bake cookies or plan out an entire meal together. Cooking with your children (even teens) deepens bonds and creates a sense of purpose, especially when you are sharing family recipes. Surprise an elderly neighbor, family, and friends by delivering one of your treats to their doorstep.
  • Spread some cheer to our military or veterans. Write letters or make homemade Christmas cards. During hard times like we are experiencing, sending a simple card or letter to someone who is serving or has served our country can brighten their day.
  • Find a box and fill it with special pictures or mementos of things you all love. Let everyone help decorate the box as a collaboration or let each person work on their own. Each year you can add more pictures or treasures to your Christmas memory box.
  • Write a poem together. Have each person try to write a line and build the poem as you pass it around. Trying to rhyme makes for extra laughs.
  • Plan a family Christmas karaoke night. Have lots of music shakers and jingle bells available to add music. Make your own shakers by putting rice in a container or use a pot for a drum.
  • Wake up your kids wearing homemade reindeer antlers or Rudolph nose. The best way to find your own magic is by seeing magic in the smiles of others.
  • Everyone needs laughter. This year many people need it more than ever. Instead of worrying about how everything will be different and all the things we can’t do or control, use this year to reinvent the holidays.

Cindy Springsteen is a published poetry writer, children’s author and has 2 novels. Her children’s book series Waffles and Pancakes teaches valuable lessons with cute loveable characters. You can find her on Twitter @C_Springsteen and also follow her on Facebook.

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