Note to Readers: Winter can bring an increase in stress. Creative parents and teachers are transforming stress into healthy activities that also teach relaxation. Winter is a perfect time for children to pretend they are a polar bear climbing through the snow until he finds a rock to on and practice deep breathing…just like the story, A Boy and a Bear. Belly breathing is even more fun when kids see their breath leave their mouth thanks to the cold air. I love how this simple snowflake art project empowers children. Let the fun continue and encourage kids to hang their snowflakes in their bedroom.  Thanks Mindi for sharing this!
by Mindi Flowers

stress into beautyJust as a snowflake dissolves upon impact, we as parents must strive to dissolve away our children’s feelings of anger and stress. There are many things we can do to help our children feel more relaxed and at ease. By introducing your kids to a variety of relaxation techniques, you enable them to find what works best for him/her as an individual.

Write it out

Have your child write about how he/she is feeling, on a piece of paper. Writing can be very therapeutic for the soul and when your child has some stirring emotions that are causing distress, it can provide a clearer picture as to what is really bothering them.

Express yourself

In doing this, allow your child to express themselves in whatever form of writing speaks to them. That might be in the form of a letter, a poem, a song or whatever makes your child feel the most comfortable.

Cut away the stress to reveal the beauty

Once your child has all of those emotions written down, it’s time to take all of that stress and release it. Do this by folding that piece of paper in your hands several times. Fold it once, fold it again, and then again. Now, start releasing these feelings by cutting them away. Make many cuts and cut-outs into this folded piece of paper. Do this over and over again. Then, have your child unfold the paper. Like magic, you will see that you have transformed these feelings into a beautiful snowflake.


Throw away all of those pieces (stresses) that you’ve cut away, and enjoy the beauty you’ve left behind. Take your finished snowflake and tape a piece of string or ribbon to the back of it in the shape of a teardrop. Now, you can hang up your snowflake in a place where it can be appreciated.

Go to Make a Perfect Snowflake to learn how to make a paper snowflake. It’s easy!

Children can listen to Indigo Dreams: Relaxation Music  while they are working on this or other projects as a way to remain focused, relaxed and creative.

I hope that by releasing those stressful emotions your child will feel revitalized, and that you get the chance to revel in the presence of your own, very special, stress free kid.

The proud mother of four children with voracious appetites for reading, Mindi Flowers is a work-at-home mom with a passion for promoting literacy. Mindi is the author of several children’s books, including the imaginative and interactive Super Hero Joe series. She is also the creator of an innovative system designed to teach reading skills to toddlers and adolescents using sound, successful practices with repetitive and fun activities. Mindi Flowers is also the force behind Bailey A. Bookworm, a.k.a. B.A. Bookworm, a website and blog that offers innovative tips and interactive activities geared towards nurturing the reader in your child. Visit her site to view more of her work.