Indigo Dreams: Kid’s Relaxation Music

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Dolphin Dance, Firefly Flight, Rain Forest, Red Moon

Indigo Dreams: Kid’s Relaxation Music

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Children’s Relaxation Bedtime Music will Decrease Stress, Lower Anxiety, and Improve Sleep

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created by Lori Lite • UPC 845121022124

Indigo Dreams: Kid’s Relaxation Music is designed to decrease stress, anxiety, and anger while enjoying dolphins, laughing with fireflies, exploring the rainforest, and walking on the moon. This full hour of children’s relaxation music is masterfully created by Lori Lite and composer David Jacopin to entertain children while evoking a relaxation response.

Child-friendly melodies and sounds of nature help children achieve a deep state of relaxation and sleep. Each 15-minute track is playfully sprinkled with whimsy to soothe, delight, and encourage creative thinking. When listening you can easily visualize swimming with Dolphin Dance, laughing with Firefly Flight, exploring with Rain Forest, and walking on a Red Moon.

Music can be used to relieve stress, balance emotions, decrease pain, calm children for bedtime, or provide a brain break for quiet time. Treat your children and yourself to magical musical melodies and experience falling asleep peacefully. This album is also available as an mp3 download.

Note to Parent:
This music only (no stories) audio/CD is designed to relax children, ages infant through 13. The soothing melodies have universal appeal for any age, including adults. This music is particularly uplifting and relaxing at the same time. The listener feels filled with hope and inspiration. Music is another way to create relaxation awareness. Ask your children to describe how they feel after listening to this music.



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