Atlanta, GA. November, 2010– Lori Lite, founder of Stress Free Kids announces the release of 3 new music CDs adding to her line of books and CDs designed to help kids, teens, and adults manage stress and anxiety. Teaming up with  composer David “Taho” Jacopin, Ms. Lite creates 3 distinct works bringing relaxation music to a new era and new arena! Children and teens can be active participants in creating a healthy, stress free life with music created just for them!

children decrease worryIndigo Dreams: Rainforest Relaxation  allows worry, fear, and anxiety to melt away as each track draws the listener deep into the rainforest with healing melodies and sounds of nature designed to delight your senses while creating a state of restful relaxation. Kids, tweens, teens, and even adults love relaxing with Forest Fantasy, Owl Song, Dream Keeper, and Amazon Whisper. This enchanting hour of music will enhance sleep, decrease stress, and encourage creative thinking.

Indigo Dreams: Teen Relaxation Music  allows teens to escape to a place where dreams are realized, thoughts become clear, and deep relaxation is achieved. Teen-friendly beats and sounds of nature help to achieve a deep state of relaxation and sleep. This full hour of music creates a safe musical place and encourages creative thinking. Drift out to sea, walk a city street, fall in love at a park, and kick back on an undiscovered moon with Breezy Point, SoHo, Park Slope, and Tribeca.

kids relaxation music Indigo Dreams: Kids Relaxation Music  allows children to decrease stress, anxiety, and anger while enjoying dolphins, laughing with fireflies, exploring the rainforest, and walking on the moon. Child-friendly melodies and sounds of nature help children achieve a deep state of relaxation and sleep. Each 15 minute track is playfully sprinkled with whimsy to soothe, delight, and encourage creative thinking. Kids love relaxing with Dolphin Dance, Firefly Flight, Rain Forest, and Red Moon.

All CDs and book titles are available on, Borders Books, Barnes and Noble, thousands of bookstores and her Stress Free Kids website.  Music, stories, and lesson plans are also available as digital downloads on her site and on iTunes.

teen musicThe music on these CDs can help children, teens and adults:

  • Decrease phobias, fears, night terrors, worries
  • Deal with changes, transitions (divorce, death, relocating, family member in military, having a sibling with special needs, health challenges)
  • Fall asleep peacefully and quickly
  • Have a more restful sleep
  • Decrease moodiness, irritability
  • Increase creativity
  • Increase positive attitude
  • Mental Health Challenges, Depression, Bi-Polar, Anxiety Disorders
  • Special Needs Autism, Asperger, OCD, ADD, ADHD, SPD
  • Manage anxiety associated with hospital stays and treatments
  • Sleep better when traveling, time changes, hotels, airplanes
  • Self-soothe
  • Increase ability to focus and concentrate
  • Recover from PTSD, Abuse, Neglect, Trauma