By Lori Lite

A  piece of cloth connected to a string… in the hands of a child  produces smiles, opens a world of possibilities, and decreases stress. There is something awe-inspiring and exhilarating about flying a kite.

Young, old, and in-between (teens) experience a sense of wonder and accomplishment when their kite takes to the air. Worries leave your mind as you focus on the magic of flight. Bundle up this weekend and enjoy this relaxation outing with your family. Go fly a kite.

How Kite Flying Reduces Worries:


1. Exercise and take deep breaths.

Flying a kite, a walk in the park, or shooting hoops can be beneficial for stress reduction. Increased blood flow and fresh air help keep bodies healthy and mind refreshed.

2. Take your mind off your worries.

Give your brain a break and get stress relief when you focus completely on the activity at hand.

3. Laughing induces physical changes in our body and brain

. Endorphins are releases that can reduce pain and calm stress. Laughing with our children also creates joyful memories.

4. Bonding with your children decreases anxiety and fear.

Spending quality focused time with our children increases feelings of love and security.

5. Self-Esteem and confidence soar with the kite.

Children with strong self-esteem have less struggles with anxiety.

How to Make a Kite Out of a Plastic Bag

Below you will find a list of CDs that introduce breathing for relaxation and positive statements to build self-esteem..

Indigo Dreams (shorter stories for younger children) Indigo Ocean Dreams (longer stories for older kids)

Indigo Teen Dreams and Indigo Dreams: Adult Relaxation

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