by Lori Lite

Each year we ask our friends for good teacher gift ideas. This year I asked teachers and found out that teachers do NOT want one more ceramic apple with an adorable worm peeking out and they do not want your favorite  perfume.

A study published  in the International Journal of Stress Management states  67 percent of teachers surveyed described their jobs as extremely stressful.Teachers that were introduced to relaxation and breathing exercises reported significantly lower levels at the end of the year than teachers who did not participate in the program.

So What Do Teachers Really Want?

Peace and Quiet: Pre-paid passes to a movie theater near their home or video rental store.

Help: Volunteer an hour of your time to run copies or help with centers.

School Supplies: A gift card to the local school supply store.

Gift Cards: The kind they can use anywhere or at a chain bookstore.

Massages: Oh yes, their feet and backs ache taking care of our children. Chip in with other parents and hand over a gift certificate for a massage.

Haircuts: Do you know where they get their hair cut? Get a gift card.

Relaxing Dinner: They eat too may lunches out of a paper bag. Gift card to a local restaurant.

A Calm Relaxed Class: A turnkey lesson plan so they can teach their students to calm down.

A Trip to a Rainforest: I know this is really dreaming, but how about a Rainforest Relaxation CD.

Cash: I heard from many teachers that cash is happily received.

A few of these gift ideas are expensive so take the time to call or email a few parents to chip in. Most parents will be happy you did. Figuring out a meaningful gift is stressful and they will be thankful to let you run the show. Volunteering takes only your time and the Lesson Plans and Rainforest CD are under $14.00. Indigo Dreams: Adult Relaxation introduces teachers to 4 stress management techniques including BREATHING!

Stress Free Kids Fund-raising Program brings stress management and relaxation to families while generating funds that will benefit YOUR school, group, or organization.

Stress Free Kids founder Lori Lite is a freelance blogger, social media strategist, parenting expert,  and successful entrepreneur. Her line of books and CDs are designed to help children, teens, and adults decrease stress, anxiety, and anger. Ms. Lite’s books, CDs, and lesson plans are considered a resource for parents, psychologists, therapists, child life specialists, teachers, doctors, and yoga instructors. Lori’s award winning books received national attention on Shark Tank and her sort after accessible tips have been featured in hundreds of publications to include: CNN Living, Real Simple Magazine, USA Today, Family Circle, Working Mother Magazine, and Web MD. For more information visit  Stress Free Kids and for daily advice follow Lori on Twitter and Facebook.