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Lori Lite was a stressed-out mom who spent two hours each night trying to put her children to bed. She became sleep deprived, anxious, and depressed. When her daughter developed stress related night terrors Lori knew she had to do something to help herself and her family.

 Lori began to use the stress-reducing techniques of breathing and affirmations throughout her day and saw an immediate reduction in her stress levels. She wondered what would happen if her children were to use the same relaxation techniques.  So, one night while putting her son to bed, Lori made up a story that she hoped would encourage him to take deep breaths and calm his mind and body down. 

Her son followed the characters along and fell asleep. Her husband urged her write the story down and she did. That first story, A Boy and A Bear was published, and her journey began. With each new technique she learned for herself, she created a bedtime story that would entertain her children and introduce them to the relaxation exercise. All of her stories incorporate breathing, visualizations, affirmations, or progressive muscle relaxation. Her ability to introduce children to research-based stress management techniques in a storytelling format landed her ABC’s Shark Tank.

About Lori Lite, parenting stress expert and author

Lori Lite is the Founder of Stress Free Kids, author, mom, registered yoga teacher, and certified social emotional learning facilitator. Lori has created 10 books for children, a parent’s guide, relaxation music tracks, guided meditation for teens, and lesson plans. Everything Lori does is to help families decrease stress, lower anxiety, and manage anger. Her sought-after practical tips provide parents, grandparents, and teachers with real-time solutions. Lori shares her own experiences as a stressed-out mom in an honest and accessible way. She has the unique ability of communicating how to integrate stress-management techniques and self-esteem building activities into daily living and through her stories. Lori was also one of the first mompreneurs to be featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.

How did Lori get into stress management field?

As a young parent, Lori spent two hours every single night trying to settle her young son down to sleep. Her daughter developed stress related night terrors and Lori herself became sick from anxiety. She began to use stress-reducing techniques throughout the day, and saw an immediate improvement in her own health. The exercises worked so well for her, that she wondered what would happen if her children were to use the same relaxation techniques. She created bedtime stories that would entertain her children while introducing them to the relaxation exercises of breathing, visualizations, affirmations, and progressive muscle relaxation. Her children followed the characters in the stories along and fell asleep. Her husband urged her to write her stories down to help other children and parents.

How does Lori Lite help parents?

Lori Lite understands parents and children in a very authentic way. She has truly “been there and tried that.” She enjoys sharing her straightforward, from the heart message of stress management with parents around the world. She communicates with parents on a daily basis on Twitter and Facebook. She has addressed parents and teachers as a speaker and has just released Stress Free Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Build Self-Esteem, Manage Stress, and Reduce Anxiety in Children. She works tirelessly to bring her stories to life in additional languages. Her stories are available in Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, and Hungarian.

What techniques do children learn from Lori Lite’s stories?

The techniques that are woven into the stories are diaphragmatic breathing, visualizing, progressive muscle relaxation, and affirmations or positive statements. Lori was the first to weave adult level, research-based techniques into a storytelling format. This method allows children to follow a story along in a relaxed organic way while experiencing actual stress and anger management techniques. Lori’s stories also expose children to the power of self-esteem building affirmations and positive statements.

Who can benefit from titles by Lori Lite?

Any child with or without extenuating circumstances can benefit from being exposed to self-soothing, stress management techniques and stories by Lori Lite of Stress Free Kids. Kids, teens, and adults are better equipped to face life when armed with tools designed to counteract the harmful effects of stress.

The Relaxation Techniques found in these stories can help children:
The Relaxation Techniques found in these stories can help children:
Decrease phobias, fears, worries
Deal with changes, transitions (divorce, death, loss, grief, relocating, family member in military or deployed, having a sibling with special needs, health challenges)
Fall asleep peacefully and quickly
Have a more restful sleep
Decrease sleep issues, night terrors, bedtime battles, insomnia
Decrease moodiness, irritability
Increase creativity
Increase positive attitude
Increase social skills
Increase self-belief
Increase test scores
Have greater attendance
Visit doctor less
Manage pain during and after medical procedures and treatments
Manage anxiety associated with hospital stays and treatments
Sleep better when traveling, time changes, hotels, airplanes
Increase ability to focus and concentrate
Recover from PTSD, Abuse, Neglect, Trauma, Bullying, Low Self-Esteem
Decrease anger – ODD
Mental Health Challenges, Depression, Bi-Polar, General Anxiety Disorders, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorders
Special Needs, Autism, Asperger, OCD, ADD, ADHD, SPD, LD, ADD, ADHD
How will I know that these techniques can help my kids?

Stress Free Kids has experienced a deluge of positive feedback from parents, educators, mental health professionals, and kids since the launch of the first book A Boy and a Bear over 15 years ago. People are amazed at the organic process in which children follow the characters along and apply stress management and self-esteem building techniques. Emails and reviews are a testament to how a story can change a child’s life for the better. The latest release of Stress Free Kids Curriculum and Stress Free Kids: A Parent’s Guide has also received rave reviews. Reviews can be viewed on Amazon.com.

Where are Lori’s titles available?

Lori’s titles are available on her website www.StressFreeKids.com, and online retailers to include Amazon (worldwide), BarnesandNoble.com and bookstores worldwide. Her titles are also available through other retailers in download format on iTunes, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Ingram, CD Baby and many other eBook and mp3 platforms.
(International Publishers: Japan – Minerva Shobo Publishing, Turkey – Butik Publishing)

Who is using Lori’s titles for stress management?

Lori’s titles are considered a resource for parents, psychologists, cognitive behavior therapists, counselors, child life specialists, teachers, yoga instructors, youth leaders, and doctors.

Can I find more on Lori Lite in the media?

Lori Lite has been nationally recognized on programs such as Shark Tank, CBS News, and CNN Living. Her sought-after practical tips and articles can be found in hundreds of publications such as Family Circle, USA Today, Real Simple Magazine, Web MD, Modern Mom, The New York Times, Prevention Magazine, and Dr. Sears.


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Lori Lite was a featured contestant in the first season of the show “Shark Tank” a Mark Burnett, ABC /Sony production. The episode aired on August 23, 2009 with a follow-up Episode on Friday January 8, 2010.

“It’s hard enough to pitch a business plan to hurried venture capitalists. Try doing it on camera in front of millions of people to five wealthy business people who aren’t afraid to show their pointy teeth.”

“You were not only great to work with for the past few weeks, but were on top of your presentation, had a great attitude and an amazing on screen presence.. Thanks again Lori and we’ll talk soon!” – Bill Gaudsmith, Producer, Shark Tank, ABC, Mark Burnett Production

Lori has also appeared on such radio stations as: 102.7 Miami Majic, 98.5 Atlanta, WXNT Indianapolis, KXIC Iowa City WXLX 102.7 Boston, WEEU Broadcast Company, Reading, PA

“Lori Lite lit up the phones for the entire hour! Her relaxation methods were fun to do live on the air and very effective. Lori’s books are a tribute to her kind spirit of helping others out. I will definitely book her again for a future show.” —Mike Faust, Host 8:30 am show, WEEU


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