Affiliate Program Setup Instructions

We have provided the information below to assist you in setting up your links to Stress Free Kids. If you have any questions about the setup process please contact

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How to setup your hyperlinks?

The format of the hyperlink must be setup exactly as shown below:

[cc lang=html]Link Text Here[/cc]

  1. = substitute the URL to the specific page you want the customer to go to (leave out the “http://www” part). See the examples below.
  2. XXXXX = substitute your affiliate ID number
  3. Link Text Here = substitute the text you want your visitors to see for the link.

Example hyperlinks

Link to Stress Free Kids Home page:

[cc lang=html]Stress Free Kids[/cc]

Link to directly to the Books page:

[cc lang=html]Books by Lori Lite[/cc]