Lori Lite shares tips and information to help parents, educators, counselors and other children’s advicates provide the tools and knowledge about helping children and teens manage stress, lower anxiety, control anger, sleep better and build self-esteem.

ABCs of Decreasing Stress
By Lori Lite Reducing stress can be as easy as ABC for you and your family. This ABC list makes
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That’s it! I’m self-publishing!
by Ellen B. Alden I’ve never been good at waiting. After all, how do you move forward if you’re stuck
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raising mindful kids
7 Tips for Raising Kind, Compassionate, and Mindful Kids
By Kerry Alison Wekelo Both of my kids know by now that I expect them to get perfect marks on
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Improving Childrens’ Vocabularies
If You Could Give Your Kids One Gift, Make it a Good Vocabulary
BIG WORD CLUB Introduces Nationwide Pilot Program to Reduce Word Gap By Improving Childrens’ Vocabularies Denver, CO –BIG WORD CLUB, a
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Preparing Siblings for the Arrival of New Baby:
By Lori Lite Any type of change can cause stress and that includes the arrival of a new baby. Preparing siblings
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Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables
By Kerry Wekelo I created If It Does Not Grow – Just Say No: Eatable Activities for Kids for children
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Emotional Intelligence Activity
THE “FEELING FAMILY” BALLOON SACKSHappy, sad, angry, frustrated, excited, and even stressed.  Emotional intelligence is a vital skill in a
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Stress Free Math
Making Math Fun 
Does the mention of math cause you and your children to cringe? Today’s parents, teachers, and psychologists know that making
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How to Listen to Music For Relaxation and Healing
From the dawn of civilization, music has been used successfully to induce states of physical, mental, and emotional relaxation and
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Arts and Crafts Heart Project For Kids: Upcycle, Reuse, and Reduce Stress
By Lori Lite This stress free arts and crafts heart project for kids gives you a chance to upcycle tissue
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