Visualization Technique for Kids

Bubble Blowing Visualization Technique

This 12 minute kids visualization is taken from my Indigo Dream: Garden Of Wellnesss CD. Children and even adults can release fear, anger, grief, and anxiety one bubble at a time. It works for all ages…WE ALL need tools to find a moment of peace. Please feel free to share this page with all you know. It is my life wish that I can make a difference and bring peace to children on this planet.

Child using the Bubble Blowing Technique

This technique is one of 4 coping strategies woven into a story called, The Perfect Club. The Perfect Club inspires self-acceptance and tolerance of others. Children learn the emotional coping techniques of breathing and visualizing to release angry, hurt, stressed, or sad feelings. Any child, whether or not they have been bullied, teased, or excluded can benefit from the bullying strategies for kids and techniques presented in these stories. I wrote this story to help my own child release anger and hurt feelings. This fun relaxation strategy works for any age… including adults. Session ends with relaxing music.


Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness

Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness is a 60 minute CD/audio book designed to entertain your child while introducing them to research-based, relaxation and stress management techniques. Children follow along as they use positive statements to build self-esteem and make healthy food choices with Caterpillar Choices. The Perfect Club encourages self-acceptance and tolerance of others. Children learn emotional coping techniques to release angry, hurt, or sad feelings that might arise from being excluded or teased. Many children enjoy these techniques to manage sensory overload.


Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness CD

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