Stress Free Kids Curriculum Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for the Stress Free Kids Curriculum

Can this curriculum be taught in a public school setting? Yes, this curriculum is non-denominational and does not contain any mention of God or religion. This curriculum incorporates research-based techniques used to manage anxiety, lower stress reduce and control anger and build self-esteem. Many school counselors are familiar with the techniques in this curriculum and most likely know Stress Free Kids.

What age group is most appropriate? Although the curriculum was written for children at the elementary school level, it can be used with slightly younger or older. The age ranges for this curriculum are a suggestion to point you in the right direction. The attention span and emotional maturity of your children should be taken into consideration. With a little creativity you can make adjustments to the age group you are working with and use additional books and CDs to support those lessons.

Do I need teaching experience to use the curriculum? You do not need any prior teaching experience or familiarity with stress management techniques in order to use this lesson. This lesson does the work for you. You are guided from the beginning to the end of the lesson.

Should I use the 4 lessons for each class? It would be ideal if each class could get all four lessons, but realize that even one class can change a child’s life. Just one technique can help a child manage anxiety, stress, and anger and use these techniques throughout their lives. Most children will gravitate to one or two of the techniques taught. It is nice to expose them to all of the techniques for a variety, but not necessary.

How often should I teach each lesson? A week between lessons is nice because it gives the children a week to practice applying their newly learned relaxation skill to their lives. The teacher can reference and practice the technique throughout the week in class and hopefully the parents can support the children at home. I would not overload the kids with too many techniques in one week.

How long does each lesson last? There are many variables that will affect the length of each lesson.

  • How many children in your group?
  • What are their ages?
  • How many questions the children ask?
  • How long will you do the movement activity for?
  • How much information will you offer during the lesson time?

I would allow for 45-60 minutes for each knowing that you can alter the length to fit your needs. The curriculum is designed to be user friendly and flexible. If you have limited time you can break the lessons in half. If you have a larger group you can break a lesson down into centers and have smaller groups rotate around each activity.

I am looking to incorporate the curriculum into our home setting. Would this be a good fit for only teaching only 1 or 2 children? Yes, the only difference with having a small group is that the movement activity will be just two or three of you. It will still be fun and you can have more turns than if you were in a larger group. You can also invite dolls or stuffed animals into the group for extra creative play.

Do you accept purchase orders? Yes we accept PO’s from schools and larger organizations. Simply email or fax your PO to or fax (866)-302-2759.

Will the art projects require me to purchase additional materials? You will need to purchase crayons. Implementing more complicated art projects will require a few other items. With crayons in hand and copies of the art handout you will be able start immediately!

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