Dear Parents and Educators,

Here you will find a variety of word games and coloring pages that correspond to Stress Free Kids titles. The activities are separated into 2 categories, Younger Children, (ages 4-9) and Older Children, (ages 6-11).

Encourage emotional intelligence by downloading and listening to music from the Indigo Dreams series during the activity. You can discuss how the music affects you and your children.  

Word Search

Search for the words hidden in the block of letters. When you find a word, use a pencil to trace all of the letters in the word. The words may be spelled in any direction.

Word Scrambles 

Download the Word Scramble games and try to figure out the word from the jumbled letters. Use a pencil to write in your words.

Coloring Pages

Download, print out and get ready to have fun with coloring pages. Download and listen to the relaxation music from the Indigo Ocean Dreams Soundtrack while you color in the pictures. There is no right or wrong way to color these pages.

Crossword Puzzles

Download, print out, and get ready to have fun with these crossword puzzles and other games surround the books from the Indigo Dreams and Indigo Oceans Dreams Series.