Shark Tank invites Lori Lite, founder of Stress Free Kids to pitch her business to the Sharks. Lori Lite’s Shark Tank experience is summed up in the articles below including her original pitch from an email sent to the producers and her original audition video. Viewers can watch Lori Lite on Shark Tank and read about the unique methods she used to prepare herself to present her publishing company to the Sharks and talks a little about the experience in season one compared to how the show has changed over the years.

Lori Lite is a Season 1 trailblazer, crediting herself with having survived and prepared for Shark Tank before having the advantage of viewing any previous shows. In season one limited information was given about how the show worked and what the Sharks would be looking for.

“You were not only great to work with for the past few weeks, but were on top of your presentation, had a great attitude and an amazing on-screen presence. Thanks again Lori and we’ll talk soon!” – Bill Gaudsmith, Producer, Shark Tank, ABC, Mark Burnett Production

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