Indigo Dreams Adult Relaxation


Guided Relaxation Techniques Decrease Anxiety, Reduce Anger, Improve Sleep and lower Adult Stress

created by Lori Lite • ISBN 9780970863331 • (approximately 60 minutes)

Experience four straightforward, no-nonsense, stress-management/meditation techniques that are accepted and used by both the traditional medical and holistic communities. You will not find any philosophies, theories or fluff presented here because frankly, we do not have time for that and chances are… neither do you. <READ MORE>

Affirmations (13:00), Breathing (16:36), Visualization (13:01), Muscular Relaxation (14:55), and Music soundtrack (10:23)

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Indigo Dreams: Adult Relaxation is a 60-minute CD/audio book designed to introduce adults to the stress management, researched-based techniques of diaphragmatic breathing, affirmations, visualizations, and muscle relaxation. This was created for real people in the real world, feeling real anxiety and adult stress. You will not find any philosophies, theories or fluff presented here. You will learn four straightforward techniques to combat stress, anxiety, and anger. These same techniques can also be used as a first step towards learning to meditate. The techniques are accompanied by soothing, uplifting music to further enhance your relaxation experience.

Male narration is accompanied by calming music. An additional sound track is included to further enhance your relaxation experience.

Relaxation is a process that lowers the effects of stress on your mind and body. Learning and using relaxation techniques can help you to better manage everyday stress and anxiety, stress related health issues, and the negative emotions that accompany feeling out of control. Just taking a 10-minute break during your day to relax and decompress will lead to increased health benefits, productivity, and happiness.

Some benefits of learning and using relaxation techniques are:

  • indigo-dreams-adult-relaxationSlows your heart rate
  • Helps control anger and frustration
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases blood flow to major muscles and organs
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and chronic pain
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Boosts positive thinking
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Lessons depression

“This is definitely a no nonsense, to the point, audio that works. Even for the tough guys! ” -Dr. Thomas Psychologist

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