Lesson 4 – Anger Management with Angry Octopus (Download)


Angry Octopus Teaches Kids How Breathing and Muscle Relaxation Can Control Anger

Only Available as a Download from this Website

This turnkey lesson plan comes with everything you need for teaching anger management to children. Parents and teachers introduce research-based anger management techniques to kids in a class, group, or home setting. <READ MORE>

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This turnkey lesson plan teaches children how to pause to control anger. This powerful combination of breathing and progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is easy to teach to your class, group, or children as they learn to soothe their angry emotions and tense muscles. This solution focused strategy puts kids in charge of their mind and body.Breathing and PMR can help children to self-regulate, feel empowered, and reduce angry outbursts.

Lesson Four: Breathing and Muscle Relaxation Lesson download contains:

  • Complete lessons with detailed step by step instructions
  • 2 audio stories in mp3 format of Angry Octopus and The Goodnight Caterpillar
  • 2 eBook versions in PDF format of Angry Octopus and The Goodnight Caterpillar
  • Music soundtracks in mp3 format titled Forest Fantasy and Dream Keeper from the Indigo Dreams: Kids Rainforest Relaxation CD
  • Worksheets and certificates of completion

This download package comes with 2 stories Angry Octopus and The Goodnight Caterpillar in audio and eBooks format, 2 relaxation music downloads, worksheets, and Certificates of Completion making it effortless for any teacher or parent to implement. You do not need any prior teaching experience or familiarity with stress management techniques in order to use this lesson. This lesson does the work for you. Each Breathing and Muscle Relaxation Control Anger lesson can be used with the 2 included stories, giving you TWO COMPLETE LESSONS IN ONE.

Children are empowered when they learn to identify and manage anger. Progressive Muscular Relaxation and Breathing allow children to be active participants in managing their emotions. This solution focused strategy of teaching anger management to children decreases aggressive behavior and tantrums.

” I highly recommend this story as it effectively teaches PMR skills in an engaging story format that kids will remember. The first time I read the book to my children, they both engaged in the progressive muscle relaxation without any prompting from me. Several days after having read the book, my six year old spontaneously talked about how he could manage his anger by doing what the octopus did. A must have for anyone with children or anyone who works with children.”
-Dr. L. Teegarden

Breathing and Muscle Relaxation Control Anger lesson is structured in the following format:

1) Movement Activity: Class opens with a movement activity designed to help children learn about and release stress, anger, fears.

2) Explanation/ Lesson: Lesson and explanation of specific relaxation technique are provided.

3) Story time/Lesson: Children listen to or read an award winning story from Lori Lite that includes an actual research-based stress management technique .

4) Discussion: Lesson is continued with a discussion of the story and technique. Children learn how they can apply this specific technique to their lives.

5) Worksheets and Relaxation Music: Worksheets reinforces the lesson children learned in class and demonstrates how they can be active participants in decreasing stress and anger. Music soundtracks are an added bonus.

6) Certificate of Completion: Included and handed out.

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