Who Is Stress Free Kids

Parents ask Who is Stress Free Kids

Lori Lite answers your questions about stress, anxiety, anger and how it pertains to the health of our children today.

Mom, entrepreneur and Founder of Stress Free Kids, Lori  has enjoyed many radio and TV  interviews on both the  national and local level. Now you can listen in as she answers your  questions.

Hear Lori’s answer by clicking on the arrow for the player below each question! Please come back often for updates questions and answers.


How Stress Free Kids Started

What started you on your journey of creating relaxation stories?

What is your mission in life?

What do you do? (Answer for Kid Listeners)

How did you come up with the idea for Stress Free Kids? (Answer for Kid Listeners)

How did you get into relaxation?

Why did you use an octopus and other animals in your stories? (Answer for Kid Listeners)

Did you write stories when you were a kid? (Answer for Kid Listeners)

How many different CDs do you have?


How can Stress Free Kids help reduce Stress and Anxiety?

Why do our children have more anxiety than we did as kids?

My child wants to play video games before bed. Is this a good idea?

How can I tell if my child’s schedule is too stressfull for them?

Can food effect stress levels?

How do I know if my family is under stress?

Have you personally experienced how lack of boundaries cause children anxiety?

What are some signs of stress in children? How do I identify stress in my kids?


Managing Anger, Stress, Relaxation, Lori Lite on Shark Tank

How can I get my kids excited about relaxation?

Will my own stress effect my kids? How can I handle that?

I do not know how to manage stress. How can I teach my child?

What are the 4  relaxation techniques found in your stories? Can you demonstrate the breathing technique?

My child often loses his temper. What is the one thing I can teach him to do?

Why and how can I get my child to let go of anger?

What is one of your personal secrets to helping kids feel less stressed out?

Homework stresses me out! What can I do about it? (Answer for Kid Listeners)

What techniques do you use for kids? (Answer for Kid Listeners)

Did you use breathing technique to control your stress when you were on Shark Tank (Answer for Kid Listeners)

Can kids focus on their breathing?

Did you use any techniques to be calm on Shark Tank?

Can you tell us a bit about diaphragmatic breathing and demonstrate it?

What is progressive muscular relaxation?

Can visualization stop the chatter in your mind?

Tell us about affirmations.

What do you think about creativity?


These answers come from interviews with Kid Power Radio, Yoga in My School and I Shine. Follow the link to hear the interviews in their entirety.

If you have a question for Lori, email media@stressfreekids.com and she will get back to you. 

Lori Lite is a blogger, social media strategist, Twitter specialist, parenting expert, and successful entrepreneur. Her line of books, CDs, and lesson plans are considered a resource for parents, psychologists, therapists, teachers, doctors, and yoga instructors. Lori’s received national attention on Shark Tank and her sort after accessible tips have been featured in hundreds of publications to include: CNN Living, Real Simple Magazine, USA Today, Family Circle, Working Mother Magazine, and Web MD. Lori consults and collaborates with heart driven companies and entrepreneurs to bring their message or product to parents nationwide. For more information visit  Stress Free Kids and for daily advice follow Lori on Twitter and Facebook.

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